UNL Wants To Expand Bike Trails Within Master Plan

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Members of the Great Plains Trails Network recently met to hear the accomplishments of the last year - bike trails that extend through all four corridors of the city.

JJ Yost, Planning and Construction Manager for the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department said, "We have the new trail that extends from the Pinnacle Bank Arena all the way through West Haymarket."

Now the City Parks and Recreation Department will work with UNL to keep this trend going. UNL's master plan that was introduced includes a bike plan that will make it easier for students to get around.

Jennifer Dam, Assistant Director for Campus Planning at UNL said, "One of the key components is the circulation of the 14th Street mall, currently a pedestrian oriented mall from 14th to Vine street."

While Dam says they'll focus on the campus malls - she reiterates they also want to work with the city to include bike lanes in more spots downtown - making it safer for all students.

Dam said, "A component of the master plan is how to safely get them across campus if they're walking, driving, or on the bike."

As the plan develops, many at the meeting believe that these trails will give UNL and the community an extra boost.
Damon Hershey, who is on the Board of the Great Plains Trails Network , said, "I think it's going to be something the university can just sell themselves with."

JJ Yost also added that," I have to believe it is an incentive, a benefit to the community, a quality of life to the community and it is something we can be really proud of."

The Master Plan that includes these new bike trails has been approved by UNL'S Board of Regents already.

The Assistant Director for Campus Planning says that while there's no specific timeline, this is the vision that they want to complete within the next 10 to 15 years.