UNL Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Find 149 Rooms Infested

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The total tally of bed bug infested dorm rooms at UNL is now up to 149. Bed bug sniffing dogs have checked more than 2,000 dorm rooms, indicating 149 of those rooms had bed bugs.

"We've taken a very aggressive approach and sought resources across the country," said Kelly Bartling, a UNL spokesperson. "The bed bug dogs are difficult to find and in high demand, we've had them flown in from all over the country."

There are less than 1,000 rooms left to check, and UNL says the search will be complete by next week.

"No one can say there will never be bed bugs, we know that bed bugs are here, they are everywhere," said Bartling.

"In my opinion it's going to be very difficult I'd be very concerned," said Greg Warren with Enviro-Tech Pest Services. "Just think about how many places students go to a day. I think it could be an ongoing battle."

Warren says he thinks the university needs to pre-treat all the dorm rooms, to get ahead of the problem, and prevent the bed bugs from spreading.

"We hit the cracks and crevices (with chemicals)," said Warren. "It lasts about two months and as the bed bugs get into the residual it kills them off."

The university opts for heat treatments.

"What we would do is take the dog over there and see if they're there," said Bartling. "If they are then we would go ahead with the more effective heat treatment."

So far the university has spent at least $150,000. Each heat treatment is $1,000, plus the cost of the bed bug sniffing dogs and some equipment the university has purchased.