UPDATE: Chickens Found In DUI Traffic Stop To Remain at Shelter Through Monday

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Fifty-seven surviving chickens that were discovered in a DUI traffic stop will most likely remain at the Central Nebraska Humane Society through Monday.

About a hundred chickens were found in an SUV driven by Luis Motola Palaco.

Central Nebraska Humane Society Executive Director Laurie Dethloff says that one farmer has already stepped forward and volunteered to take the animals.

"For the most part, we've had people offer to come in and help. We do already have a place where they get to go, but as we determine where they came from and who owns them...that will determine how fast we can release them," said Dethloff.

Dethloff says this is a unique situation for the shelter that they haven't dealt with before. They are working with the county attorney to make sure they follow ownership laws correctly.