U.S. Senate Candidates Rally Supporters in Omaha

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Months of campaigning all lead up to Tuesday. The night before, candidates for U.S. Senate rallied their supporters in Omaha.

Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey both stopped by their campaign headquarters to thank volunteers and encourage voters to hit the polls. But the rallies were as different as the candidate's views.

Cheers and chants filled the parking lot of Deb Fischer's headquarters. She appeared on stage with some other big names including Governor Heineman.

"We are all so motivated. You can hear it in the background, people standing out in the cold to cheer on politicians," said Katarina Gleisberg, a Fischer volunteer.

But on the other end of town at Bob Kerrey's camp, volunteers did less cheering and more chatting; only stopping for a few minutes to hear the candidate talk.

"Very confident. They team has worked so hard and made contacts with potential voters. We started out behind but as long as we win it tomorrow it will be a good day," said Downey Fitzgerald, a Kerrey supporter.

Fischer supporters may have taken a break from the phones but that doesn't mean they are any less certain.

"We've got guarded confidence. We have to act like we're 10 points behind but we've got it," said Brandon Petersen, a Fischer volunteer.

"There is definite enthusiasm to get the vote out for Senator Kerrey," said George Gauger, a Kerrey volunteer.

Volunteers from both sides believe the work is worth it.

"I've never done this before. It's fun to participate in an election that's going to change the country," Gauger said.

"It's just such a big election. It will change our lives as we get out of college or start our career," Petersen said.