Uber Starts Offering Rides In Lincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Starting Thursday, rideshare app Uber is operating in Lincoln. There's just one problem- the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) said the app, which works similarly to Lyft, isn't operating legally in Nebraska. The PSC can't do anything about it unless they get evidence of payment.

They've been doing just that with Lyft, not for charging fees, but for the donations their drivers are getting. That means the PSC has the app, and investigators are taking rides. They'll do the same for Uber.

"There's a citation for not having PSC authority to operate, there's a citation for not having proper insurance on file with the commission, there's a citation for not charging a rate as approved by the commission and a citation for not having the PSC plate on display in the vehicle as required by state statute," said Mark Breiner, the PSC Director of Transportation and Railroad Safety.

Breiner said the PSC also has authority to impound driver cars, but they haven't gotten to that point yet. He said the PSC already has, or plans to, issue more than 20 citations in Sarpy County. They said they're coming here to Lincoln next.

Uber plans to start charging next week. The PSC and Uber said there haven't been any talks yet, but Uber said they plan to engage in a conversation.

"We look forward to working with the city to come up with some common-sense regulations for ridesharing in Lincoln," said Pooneet Kant, the General Manager for Regional Expansion.

The PSC said they've made their position on ridesharing apps very clear, and for now they're ready to enforce through citations.

Uber said they will start charging after September 1.