Unadilla Holds Annual Groundhog Day Celebration

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It is almost Groundhog Day, but for one Nebraska town the celebration starts early every year. Unadilla is the "Groundhog Capital of Nebraska." Every year they hold events around town and have a parade led by their very own groundhog - Unadilla Bill.

Andrew Kimball has been celebrating Groundhog Day in Unadilla his whole life - he's even the 1991 Groundhog King. He said every year this day gets better and better.

"It's just gotten bigger and more people have showed up and the parade has gone from a few seconds to ten seconds or better," he said.

And even though it was a cold day, the sun was shining bright when skydivers dropped into Unadilla to kick off the annual Groundhog Day Parade. For the kids, that's the best part.

Of course, the star of the show is Unadilla Bill.

Bill is the whole reason for the day. After he came into the picture.

"The guy at the bar decided to have a Groundhog Day celebration, so we had a central planning committee meeting and we planned it and now it's a nice little community celebration," said Bob Brandt, head of the Central Groundhog Committee.

It is a nice little community celebration that helps raise money for the Fire and Rescue Squad and Unadilla Community fund. Brandt said this year they raised over $2,300 dollars.

Brandt said they love to see people coming into town for the annual event- and it doesn't end Saturday. Sunday morning the town is having a breakfast at 7 a.m. to see if Bill sees his shadow.