University of Nebraska Expected to Freeze Tuition Rates

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LINCOLN, Ne-- The University of Nebraska Board of Regents is planning to approve the Fiscal Year 2014-15 operating budget on May 30th.

Part of the budget proposes freezing tuition for resident students who currently pay $216 each credit hour (undergraduate), or $285 each credit hour (graduate).

The freeze is made possible by the Affordability Compact proposal, which is agreed upon by the university, the Governor, and legislators who provide a level of state support.

The upcoming budget show the university is getting $20 million more support from the local government than last year (4 percent).

"We have made the commitment to the state that in return for their increased support that we would freeze tuition for the second year," said Assistant Vice President and Director of Budget Planning, Chris Kabourek."As long as we have a stable space of state support we typically should be in a position to at least keep tuition increase moderate to predictable.

The money will also help with faculty salaries. Each campus across the state will get a 3 percent salary pool to be used for the purpose of addressing competitiveness issues bases upon employee performance.

As for nonresidential students, their tuition rates are expected to go up 3 percent, from $660 each credit hour (undergraduate) to $680 each credit hour, and $791 (graduate) to $815.

"Even with this 3 percent proposed tuition rate increase we think Nebraska will still be an attractive, valued education for those students outside our boarders considering coming here," said Kabourek.