Unusual Items Stolen in Lincoln in 2012

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10/11 News takes a look back at some of the more unusual items stolen in Lincoln in 2012.

Concrete Mixer

Sometime overnight June 15th to the 16th, Lincoln Police believe a man stole a concrete mixer, worth $900, from Star City Masonry on North 49th Street.

Lincoln Police say the suspect then took the concrete mixer to Moore Pawn to try to make a quick buck.

Though after being denied the pawn by the owners of the business, he got back into his blazer and left the concrete mixer in the parking lot.

Exotic Fish Stolen, Twice

When 56 Clownfish and Rosaline Sharks went missing from Tropical Warehouse over the 2011 Christmas weekend, police had little clues.

The store was targeted again, sometime between December 31st and January 1st.

After investigators arrested Justin Meyer for a burglary at Nemaha Nursery, they soon found out landscaping equipment wasn't the only thing he had stolen.

Through interviews with Meyer, Officer Katie Flood says investigators learned he had given a unique tank and tropical fish as a Christmas gift to his girlfriend.

Flood says they were able to recover most of the stolen items.

Stolen Diapers

Police say when donated diapers for Cedars were delivered to the wrong address, three neighbors conspired to steal them.

It all started when an employee with Cedars ordered them online, intending for them to be delivered to Cedars. Somehow, they ended up at the woman's old address, a
house she hasn't lived in for five years. The home is now vacant and for sale.

Police say the neighbors saw the diapers on the door step and took them.

After police got involved, the boxes appeared, one by one, back on the door step.

Thirty-five of the 37 boxes of diapers have been returned to Cedars.