Update: Mother of Burwell Murder Victim Booked in Jail Days Before

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The mother of the child found dead in Burwell on Tuesday had been booked in jail just a few days earlier.

The Valley County Sheriff's Office says Tammy Melling, 33, of Burwell was booked into Valley County Friday for domestic assault and assault menacing threats. She bonded out the next day and is due in Garfield County Court on February 4.

On Tuesday afternoon, the bodies of Melling's nearly 3 year old daughter and husband were found at the scene of a shooting in their home.

Authorities say a firearm was found at the scene. A spokesperson for the Nebraska State Patrol says they are investigating the deaths as a murder-suicide.

Garfield County Attorney Dale Crandall says the bodies were found after officers broke out a window to gain access to the house located at 624 E Street.

Neighbors had reported to police their concerns after seeing no activity at the home.

The bodies were identified as Christopher Melling, 31, and Aimee Melling, who would have been 3 years old later this month.

"I think like everything else I was devastated, and it's always tough when you have a suicide in town, and we have dealt with those, but in this case we have a young child that's involved and I think that grabs everyone's hearts," says Attorney Crandall.

The Garfield County Sheriff's Department and Burwell Police Department are also involved in the investigation. Autopsies have been scheduled for later this week.