Uplifting Athletes Road Race Huge Success With Team Jack Participating

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Lincoln, Neb. The race is on to fight pediatric brain cancer by raising money with the Nebraska football team and Team Jack.

Over 700 participants woke up at the crack of dawn to lace their running shoes and run in the 5K race on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus Sunday morning.

"We had high expectations and of course Husker nation shows up," said NU Life skills coordinator Jessie Gardner.

This race was created by Uplifting Athletes, it's a national organization with 21 different chapters and they utilize football teams to raise money for great causes. The Nebraska chapter chose pediatric brain cancer basing their decision on Jack Hoffman, who was diagnosed with the cancer and since has won an ESPY award.

"He's a super star to say the least. He's a very inspirational boy with a wonderful story," said Becky Mayes with the Uplifting Athletes.

And the runners had Team Jack and all those other kids battling the disease on their minds as they were running the 5K.

"It was fun to support Jack and the rest of the pediatric cancer patients," said runner Jenny Ebke.

"I figured if I can't run three miles a lot of those kids, what they are going through is a lot worse," said runner Mitch Ebke.

And Nebraska football players understand the power the Big Red can have on their community.

"We have a big spotlight being Husker football and to be able to use that and really push a disease like pediatric brain cancer to the forefront and really let people know about it and raise money, that's what it's all about," said NU football player C.J. Zimmerer.

"They don't just talk about trying to help raise awareness for the disease, they actually do and today just speaks volumes about the type of football players that we have and our athletic department we have at the University of Nebraska. It's just a great place. There really is no place like Nebraska," said Andy Hoffman, Jack's father.

"It really showcases how the power of sport can be used on a platform to bring that awareness to a cause," said Gardner.