VIDEO: Teen Mows Lawn in Horse Mask to Avoid Hornets

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- A Lincoln teenager doing his chores and cutting the lawn wouldn't normally grab the attention of 10/11 News, but in this case it did.

Chris Fristo was told to mow the lawn by his dad, but Chris was worried about getting stung by some nearby hornets that were hanging around in the yard.

So to protect himself, he did what any improvising teen might do, put on a horse mask to protect his face. He said it was the only thing available.

His dad, Jami, thought it was so amusing he took a video of Chris mowing the yard, unbeknownst to Chris, and then shared it on Youtube.

Click HERE to watch to full video.

"I didn't want to get stung. I didn't want to get like a hornet even by me cause I hate bees and wasps and stuff. So I just ran," said Chris.

Chris says he really couldn't see very well out of the mask while galloping around the yard, dodging hornets or wasps, but it worked. He didn't get stung.

Jami said he has submitted it to America's Funniest Home Videos.