Vacant Homes Frustrate Neighbors

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Is there a vacant home on your street? And is it hurting your own home's market value? If so, you are certainly not alone.

According to the local non-profit group, "NeighborWorks Lincoln," which helps revitalize neighborhoods, there are dozens of vacant homes across the city, impacting home values and hurting the growth of communities.

Shawn Ryba, Director of Community Building with "NeighborWorks,"
recently met with 1011 News outside a vacant home on North 26th, which Ryba estimates has been unlived in for some 10 years.

"All the properties around this...their values are shrinking," said Ryba.

The problem, of course, begins when vacant homes start to deteriorate and become eyesores. Finding their owners can be difficult as well.

However, Lincoln city officials say when it comes to vacant homes, they can pretty much sit idle indefinitely, as long as their owners keep them up to code.

Ryba thinks that for neighborhoods and communities to improve, something needs to be done. "This is not a good business model. There's no benefit whatsoever to have these sorts of properties exist in our communities."