Valentine Post Office Poised to Postmark Annual Surge of Valentine Cards From Around the World

VALENTINE, NE – Believing the most heartfelt messages for Valentine’s Day are personalized and sent by mail, not text or tweet, incurable romantics are expected to once again send Valentine cards by the thousands to the Valentine, NE, Post Office to receive the coveted Valentine Postmark.

This year’s special postmark features the words “Love on Valentine’s Day….Valentine, NE,” and is available Feb. 2-15. The Valentine Post Office has been providing the special postmark annually since 1941. Hand stamps with messages like “With Love from Valentine, NE” or “Crossroads of the Sandhills” are also imprinted on each envelope.

The Valentine Post Office expects to receive approximately 5,000 requests for the Special Valentine Postmark, with some coming from as far away as Japan.

“It’s busier for us than Christmas,” said Valentine Acting Postmaster Diedre Markus, who advises Valentine senders to get those cards and envelopes to Valentine as soon as possible. “It really is a labor of love for everyone involved.”

Anyone wanting to have their valentine(s) postmarked in Valentine, NE, should address their envelopes, ensure appropriate First-Class postage is affixed, put the envelope(s) inside a larger envelope, also with postage, and mail to: Valentine’s Day Postmark, Postmaster, 239 N. Hall St., Valentine NE 69001-9998. There is no charge for the postmark.

A new Cut Paper Hearts Forever stamp recently issued by the Postal Service should prove popular with those sending Valentine greetings this year. The stamp includes a large white heart enclosing a smaller pink heart with a saw-toothed edge along its left-hand side. The Cut Paper Heart stamp takes its inspiration from the folk traditions of papercutting.

Valentine cards/envelopes destined for re-mailing within the U.S. should be received by the Valentine Post Office no later than February 8. Valentines destined for re-mailing to Nebraska addresses should be received by February 10. To speed up the process, Valentines can be sent via Priority Mail Express overnight service.

Valentine, NE, is one of many communities/Post Offices in the U.S., which have a love-oriented name and offer a special postmark; others include Bliss, NY 14024; Beauty, KY 41203, Aromas, CA 95004, Hartsville, TN 37074, Loveland, CO 80538, and Paradise, PA 17562. There is a special joint postmark between Juliette, GA, and Romeo, MI. Requests for this postmark can be sent to: Romeo and Juliette Valentine Postmark, Juliette, GA, 31046 or Romeo, MI 48065.