"Values Bus" Stops to Rally Voters in Grand Island

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A bus carrying conservative politicians and spokespersons made a stop in Grand Island on Saturday afternoon. Sponsored by the Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council, the tour advocates fiscal responsibility and well informed voters.

Prospective voters gathered in a green corner of downtown Grand Island, some out to show support, others to gather information on Washington's doings.

Rally attendee Skip Fricke: "You hear bits and pieces of things, you know, what that has happened down with that 'Fast and Furious,' and that's my biggest concern, is that the government actually let it happen and then they're turning around and blaming legitimate gun dealers, and as a gun enthusiast, I just think that's terrible."

Rally attendee Joanne Bjorkman: "I didn't realize we had a candidate that would be on the bus today. I was really looking forward to meeting some of the people that work in Washington."

Despite a lengthy wait and some hassling by vagrants in Pioneer Park, supporters finally greeted the bus carrying the politicians they say will bring their values back to Washington.

Waiting event attendees were accosted by the loiterers and "serenaded" by the 2nd street "guitar man," who momentarily blocked bus passengers from exiting.

Republican Senatorial candidate Don Stenberg took the opportunity to speak briefly to the group, and meet voters and "pre-voters" before the group departed for their remaining Saturday rally points in North Platte and Kearney.

The bus rallies include voter registration.

The bus will visit a total of six Nebraska cities during its weekend tour, including Lincoln and Hastings on Sunday.