Vandals Wreak Havoc in North Lincoln, Smash SUV into Tree

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A vandalism spree ends when suspects smash a stolen car into a tree.

Neighbor's called police at 3:15 Wednesday morning when they saw a SUV driving over mailboxes the 1800 block of Shooting Star Drive.

Police say the SUV had been stolen from an open garage nearby. They say the keys were left in the ignition overnight.

Police say the SUV turned around at the end of the block and someone jumped out, but the vehicle kept going. Police say no one was driving when it smashed into a tree.

"Upon investigating the crash, we discovered that a landscaping rock had been used on the gas pedal to allow it to crash into the tree unattended," Officer Katie Flood said.

Officers also found seven parked cars vandalized nearby. Police say windows were either shot out with a BB gun or smashed with another object.

10 mailboxes were destroyed for a $1,000 damage loss. The stolen SUV had $6,500 in damage done to it.

The suspect is described as 5'8" with a thin build.