Vandals Wreak Havoc in Waverly, Smashing Car Windows

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Waverly residents woke up to an ugly surprise Monday morning after 10 cars were vandalized.

According to the Lancaster County Sheriff Office, someone spent the night walking around and smashing car windows.

At least 18 cases were reported in Waverly. The first was discovered just after 4 a.m. Monday. Sheriff Terry Wagner says two similar cases were reported in Greenwood.

"Pretty much all over Waverly, rocks were used to break those windows out. It does not appear that items were stolen from the vehicles that were broken into," Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

An LSO patrol car was also hit.

Sheriff Wagner says a deputy who lives in Waverly parked her cruiser on the street overnight. She was not on duty at the time of the vandalism.

Deputies are looking for leads. If you have any information, call Lincoln Crimestoppers.