Vandals Slash Tires in North Lincoln

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Putting their cards on cars, that's all police could do after they say vandals wreaked havoc on a North Lincoln neighborhood.

It happened sometime overnight Sunday. An officer responds to the neighborhood on call of a tire slashing Monday morning. As he walks the streets, he finds a total of nine.

Car after car, tire after tire slashed. Not something you want to wake up to on Monday Morning, but people who live in the Belmont neighborhood had to deal with it.

"Changed my brother's tire because his was flat. I took the tire off and noticed the tire had a hole inside of it that was a knife shape," Corry Burianek said.

A tire slashing is the last thing Burianek suspected.

"People are too immature. They have nothing better to do," Burianek said.

Burianek only has to replace one tire, while other victims will be paying for as many as four tires.

Nancy Dunlap has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years and can't believe this happened.

"We've not had anything like that," Dunlap said.

Both Dunlap and Burianek hope the vandals will be held responsible.

"It's just a lot of money for people who probably don't have it," Dunlap said.

Police say these slashing may be related to another vandalism spree.

Sunday night, police say someone shattered a window and smashed two side mirrors on cars parked in the North Bottoms neighborhood.

In that case, a witness say the suspects driving a small white car. They do not have any suspects in the tire slashing cases.

Call Lincoln Crimestoppers at 475-3600 with any information.