Vanderfords Judge Grilling Competition

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It's the inaugural chilling and grilling competition for B107.3's Gina and Joe morning show.. "Our listeners got on line, they regisgered with their specialties and the top five were picked," said Gina Sherwood- Kline of B 107.3 Radio.

They competed for a 300 dollar prize package.

The finalists included a shrimp dish, a sunny chicken, a blazing burger, a blackberry pork chop and a chicken pizza.

"I think the way it's going it will be an annual thing. It looks pretty good," said Sherwood-Kline.

Four judges including Nader from Billy's Restaurant.

"Since you got the fish pants, you've got to go for the shrimp, right?", asked Bill Steckis "I love seafood, I love fixing it and I like the idea of the flavoring he's doing with the shrimp," Replied the chef with one name, Nader.

John and Taryn Vanderford also were appointed as judges. "Are judges supposed to eat really fast, like stuff it in?," asked Jon.

Lincoln's Tim Mattan's garlic shrimp with orange sauce won the competition. "Just to be on the Gina and Joe show and show what I can do it's awesome" said Mittan.

Just as awesome as his shrimp.