Exclusive Vanna White Interview: Pat, the Dresses and Her Visit to NE

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Below is Chad Silber's Q&A with Vanna White.

What's it like being Vanna White?
"It's normal. I get dressed up and you see me on TV like that, but in real life I'm just simple. No make-up, pony tail, tennis shoes, jeans."

What is your favorite part of your job?
"Making people happy. You know when they win, they get so happy, it helps them out. We've given away cars to people who take the bus. We have some great stories on how it has changed their lives, so that makes me happy."

How do you put into words what it's been like to be on the show for 30 years?
"It has been amazing. I never thought this show would last for 30 years. I remember sitting next to Pat in the make-up chair when I first started and I said, 'I wonder where we'll be in 10 years', and it's been 30 and it's been amazing. Thanks to all our wonderful viewers out there that watch and enjoy our show. Keep watching!"

Have you ever been to Nebraska?
"I have been to Nebraska. It was a long time ago. I need to come back. It was beautiful. I was at a trucking convention. I believe I was in Lincoln and I was also in Omaha."

What do you think of Nebraska?
"I really like it, I do. It's so beautiful. I live in this big city of Los Angeles, and I grew up in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To me, Nebraska is just beautiful country, you're lucky."

You and Pat have been working together for 30 years, What's that like? He seems like a very funny, entertaining guy on TV.
"He is so funny, especially off camera. In 30 years we have never had one argument. Not one, can you believe it?!"

Is there anything about Pat that annoys you?
"I'll never tell! Not really, he's easy, he's fun! It's probably because we don't see each other every day. We see each other every couple of weeks. We make this terrific marriage, I mean we're not married or anything! We're just working partners. I don't see him for a couple of weeks, and we'll catch up. Thirty years is a long time, so we have a lot of history."

You have quite the wardrobe.
"I do here at the studio. Tons of shoes, tons of earrings, but at home I'm pretty simple. I come in the studio with tights or jeans, slacks or sweats, I'm real casual at home."

Some of the outfits you wear on TV, I imagine you get a lot of comments on those. The dresses must be worth a lot of money, the jewelry and all the shoes.
"It is great to get dressed up, I feel like a Barbie doll. I come to work and get all dressed up and I don't have to do it myself. I have someone who does make-up, my hair, dresses me and it's great. I'm spoiled."

So your job, one day it was turning the letters and then literally touching. What was that like?
"I said, is there anyway you can make my job easier?! (laughs) That's not really what happened. I turned letters for many years and it took a lot of time between each round to go in and manually put in letters, make sure it worked. It probably added one or two hours to our daily schedules because time is money and so they came up with a computerized version where it just lights up and I just have to touch it. The thing is, they really don't need me. They could just use the computer. I'm glad they keep me around!"

I hear you have a great hobby. Crocheting.
"I love to crochet. Absolutely love it. I have my own line of yarn. It's called Vanna's Choice and it's in most places that sell yarn. I donate half of the proceeds to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, so it's very special to me."

When do you find time to crochet?
"I do it behind the puzzle board, I do it on airplanes, I do it sometimes in bed if I'm watching a movie, whenever I can, I do it. It's just fun and I make gifts for people. I make scarves, blankets, baby blankets. Every year, my daughter, who's still in high school, and I make a blanket."