Veterans Come Together at Hy-Vee Over Free Breakfast

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War stories are a common topic of conversation at the Hy-Vee located at 50th & O Streets Monday morning.

Carl Ander hasn't served in the Army since World War II, but the history is fresh in his mind.

"We were at Smokey Hill Army Airbase with the 29th and eventually shipped out to Saipan in the Marianas in 1944," said Ander.

Adam Schugte served in the Marine Corps more than 60 years later, but his stories are much the same.

"Went to Okinawa, Japan, did pre-deployment training and went to Iraq with 9th ESB," said Schugte.

No matter the point in history, veterans from several generations lined up for a free breakfast at Hy-Vee stores around the country. Biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon were all on the menu. It's a meal local veterans appreciate.

"It makes you feel good knowing that you've already accomplished something and people giving back to you and to everybody else who's served," said Schugte.

"This is the third one I think I've had. (Friends laugh.) Not today, I mean in the past years," said Ander.

The store at 50th & O Streets hopes to serve 800 veterans this year. Company-wide they've served over 10,000 veterans in the past. Store managers say it's their chance to give back.

"We like to say thank you to the people who have served and are serving our nation," said Nate Jacobsen, Hy-Vee Store Manager. "It's a way we like to express our gratitude and appreciation for that."

Whether they served in 2007 or 65 years earlier, Hy-Vee is making sure their sacrifice to our country is not going unnoticed.