Veterans Pass On Stories to Lux Middle School Students

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Everyday we lose more and more veterans, many from the greatest generation. Along with them, we lose their stories, but one Lincoln middle school is making sure these stories are passed on.

"I thought they were really interesting, especially the man who was involved with the atom bomb." Lux student Chance Wilken said.

"It goes in deeper when you hear it. It makes it more real when you hear it from real people." Lux student Carly Ally said.

History comes alive for Lux Middle School eight graders. They're learning the cost of freedom from those who fought for it.

"Every minute of my service was worth every minute I was away from the country or my family. We have a chance to pursuit happiness and that was my service," Ret. Sergeant First Class Mark Pegus said.

For more than 10 years, veterans of all branches of military service have shared their stories at Lux.

"They really see how their stories effect the students they touch. They are as excited as the students and so I think that means a lot," Lux Social Studies Teacher Kathi Mercure said.

Sgt. Pegus has 24 years experience in the Army. He served in Iraq and is now serving the next generation.

"I always talk about bings, bullets, Band-Aids and boots. I have five military MOS-es and it was really good to share that with them and let them enjoy some of my lighter side of my military times," Pegus said.

The greatest generation may have some of the greatest stories. Retired Captain Francis Butterfield can't imagine a better way to spend his 92nd birthday.

Lucille Penterman is carrying on her husband's legacy by showing artifacts and letters from World War II.

"When it's the person they can tell you how they actually felt," Lux student Ethan Hutchison

"It was kind of an eye opener. They are just regular people who sacrificed everything just so we could continue to go to school." Lux student Faith Irvine said.

A sacrifice that won't be forgotten as Lux students know freedom doesn't come free.