Video Released In Beatrice Dog Shooting

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BEATRICE, Neb. -- The Gage County Attorney's office released the video showing a Sheriff's Deputy shooting a dog in Beatrice.

The owner believes her bulldog was wrongly killed. The Gage County Attorney believes the deputy acted out of personal safety.

This all started on Wednesday June 25 when a Gage County Sheriff's deputy was walking to Michelle Ladeaux's house to hand her legal papers at 9:30 p.m.

Ladeaux says she went to answer the door with her dog Mica was beside her and Mica started barking.

It was after the barking started that Ladeaux says the deputy shot the dog twice and killed it.

Since then Gage County Attorney Roger Harris says no charges will be filed at the deputy after looking at the tape.

"I can't believe this happened, that anybody would pull a gun on my dog, because my dog is sweet," said Ladeaux.

The family's attorney says despite what Harris says the video doesn't show anything.

"Based upon the video that we've seen, we don't think that supports the inference that this was justified in any respect," said Dustin Garrison.

There's no audio on the video but you can see shadows of the deputy going to the door then he starts backing away and 10/11 was told the first flash is the first gun shot. The flashlight is the deputy checking out the scene.

Harris says the video clearly shows that the deputy did nothing wrong.

"It didn't appear from anything I saw in the video or on the statements that indicated that the deputy had done anything wrong," said Harris.

He agrees the video isn't the best quality.

"The video is home security so it's somewhat grainy, it's not in color, and a lot of the things we were able to see are shadows," said Harris.

But if you look closely the time code goes from :53 to :14, a 22 second spot in the video missing.

"The 22 seconds would have shown that my dog it would have shown what she did and she didn't go towards him," said Ladeaux. "My dog made no threat toward him."

"You can see the officer steps back, the door opens and you can see the shadow of the dog as he goes towards the officer. The officer is already retreating," said Harris.

"The video is inconclusive, it doesn't show a whole lot, it certainly doesn't show what the county attorney has indicated in this case that it was justified," said Garrison.

10/11 also spoke with the neighbor who's camera shot the whole thing and she says the 22 seconds that were missing is because the camera are motion censored and it didn't record that portion. Garrison says they're also looking into possible legal action.