Village of Wilcox Still Cleaning Up

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Saturday night's storm mainly left a lot of tree damage in the village of Wilcox. But the residents say they're just happy it wasn't any worse.

Trees are snapped in half in almost every part of Wilcox. Hidden under fallen branches and leaves is a walkway to the public school. When asked what parts of town were hit, fire department workers say no areas were spared in this town of 354.

"We have extensive tree damage, we have a lot of roof, shingle-type damage, collapsing of the bins, tin blown around town, basically all parts of town," said Tanice Twohig, the Fire Department Treasurer.

The strong winds even blew a neighbor's steel garage up on Blair Johnson's roof. Johnson says he's thankful Wilcox residents came together to help him get his property back to normal.

"They've been really helpful. We had nine trees here, damaged, and we had 12 people in the yard yesterday help cleaning it up," said Blair Johnson, a Wilcox Resident.

And Johnson isn't the only one who is grateful.

Twohig said, "Today is nothing, looks nothing like it did Sunday morning. It's just wonderful what they did. All the streets were opened before we went home last night."

Workers at the fire hall say they're happy power is back on after it was out for more than a day, but there's still a lot of cleanup to be done.