Volunteers Help Make Nebraska State Fair a Reality

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Many Nebraskans go to the state fair to have a good time and enjoy ourselves, but who helps make the fair possible?

More than 750 volunteers help make the state fair run smoothly and Friday morning at the opening ceremony a tribute was unveiled in the volunteers' honor.

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." This quote from Helen Keller sits at the top of the volunteer tribute to remind state fair attendees how important the volunteers are. Last year more than 11 thousand hours were served by volunteers and it was also Doug Tessman's first time. The chance to help people brought him back this year.

"Oh it's just helping people out you know. People ask you oh where's this where's that and it's kind of nice that you can tell them where to go and they don't have to run clear around the fair to find out what they want," said Tessman.

At 1 o' clock every day volunteers come into the lounge for a shift change. For some of the volunteers, they couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Dana Miller, the Volunteer Coordinator from the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce said, "I'm very impressed, you know...that's what makes this so rewarding, this job for me. Is getting to meet all the people, hear their stories. We have volunteers who take vacation time to come out to the fair to volunteer."

The Chamber of Commerce urges fair attendees to thank volunteers when they're at the fair because without them, it wouldn't be possible.