Vote on Timing of LPS School Closing Announcement

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With a couple snow days, 10/11 viewers had plenty of time to update their Facebook page, Twitter status and leave some comments on our webchannel.

Some are claiming the storm came with more hype than actual snow and there's plenty of chatter about Lincoln Public Schools calling off school two days in a row.

Of course some are happy about the snow day, others think it was unnecessary and then there's those who wish Friday's announcement came earlier than 5 a.m.

On the 10/11 News Facebook page Danell Nicolarsen writes, "For those parents who work at 5 a.m. we need to know a littler sooner than 5:14 am!"

Melanie Bondegard replied, "I agree, Danell! 3.5 inches of snow can shut down school for two days?? Come on. We live in Nebraska. This is nothing!"

The official snowfall total recorded at the Lincoln Airport was 5.1 inches.

Finally, Kelly Maxfield had something positive to say. "LPS I am thankful for what you do. I think we have great leaders in our system that take their decision making very serious."

Whatever your opinion is, now you have a say in it. LPS is asking people to vote on their preference of the timing of snow day announcements.

It's a quick and easy survey. Just choose which time you'd rather be notified in the morning and evening. Click here to take the survey.