Voters Could Pull Hall County Weed Board

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On the ballot Tuesday for Hall County is an issue some say will save the county money. While others say eliminating the weed board will create more of a nuisance than expected.

At the Hall County Weed Control Office, a recent meeting could be one of the last for the several member board.

"I'd like to see us stay as a board so we can watch over the county," said Hall County Weed Board Chairman Francis Hannon.

Watching out for noxious weeds and other issues.
Several months ago the Hall County Board of Supervisors decided to put the measure on the ballot.

Supervisors say it would save the County about $3,000 which is paid as a $50 monthly stipend for the five members plus their mileage.

"Well actually we've downsized the weed department in Hall County to one person," said District 3 Supervisor Stephen Schuppan.

So supervisors say it doesn't make sense for one person to report to a five member board.

"For the few things he'll have to come talk about and eliminate a board that is underneath the county board. They OK their claims and then we OK their claims," commented Schuppan.

Weed board members disagree, saying they too keep an eye out throughout the county and help spot problems in different areas. Problems the Board of Supervisors may not have time for on an ongoing basis.

"It's a lot of Noxious Weeds and we've got predator control also," said Hannon.

A no vote on the issue will tell the county the weed board will not be dissolved, and the five member board will keep its job.
The weed board has been around since 1966.