Voters Expect Doniphan to Keep Village Classification

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Voters in Doniphan are confident Tuesday's vote results will let them maintain their classification as a village.

Since its existence, Doniphan has been classified as a village, but with the latest census numbers revealing a population of 829, the community now falls under the classification of a second class city.

That classification includes all cities with 801-5,000 people, and would bring changes in government processes and structure.

"You're going to have about 18 people in government," Village Board member Dan Treat says.

That's three times the number of people serving now on the village board.

Tuesday, the issue is going to the polls. All the voters NCN spoke with say they support remaining a village.

"I think it's ok the way it is, for as long as I've lived here, it's ran ok," Kathryn Panker says.

Panker says that's because the population hasn't changed significantly enough to warrant the structural changes.

"It just doesn't make sense," Treat says. "The only thing we gain is more government and more money. It just costs more to have more."