Wine & Swine Event Raises Money for Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society encourages relay for life teams to do what they're passionate about as a way to raise money for their team.

Some choose car shows while others sell t-shirts. "Team Angel in Our Hearts" likes good food, good music and good wine, which is why they held their second annual Wine and Swine event for Relay for Life Thursday night at James Arthur Vineyard in Raymond.

This year Sherry Knapp shared her story about how her son is a 25 year cancer survivor and how the disease has affected her family. Knapp said her son benefited and ultimately beat cancer thanks to research done by a doctor who was funded by an American Cancer Society grant. Her message to anyone who may consider donating--it doesn't matter where the money goes as long as it's being put to good use.

Knapp is the Haymarket Relay for Life Co-Chair and said, "Why do we care where this researcher is sitting? There are researchers in Nebraska, there's researchers in Omaha, there's researchers in Lincoln, but had that person at LSU not been figuring that out, that information may not have come back here. So, lets put aside where the money starts from and figure out where it comes back to in the form of hopefully a form of cure for our patients."

Team Angels in our Hearts hopes to raise $3-4,000 to go back to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

The Haymarket Relay for Life is Saturday July 12 in Lincoln at Haymarket Park from 4:00pm to midnight.