Waffles Benefit Food Program for Homeless Kids

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"Wally the Waffle Bear" was excited and breakfast-eaters were delighted to wake up from a stormy night to steaming waffles, served up at Tiffany Square Senior Center to benefit Grand Island students who are homeless or living in disrupted family situations.

Grand Island Public Schools Outreach Coordinator Verna Haberman: "Macaroni and cheese, or some spaghetti sauce and pasta, or bag of rice..." Those are just a few of the easy-to-prepare items that the Outreach Center sends home in weekend backpacks to make sure that at-risk students will be fed.

Verna Haberman: "...Something simple that a child could fix because many times parents are working, and that kid might have to make his own noon meal."

Battercake fans were faced with some tough decisions, but this was one Sunday morning decision that the patrons at Tiffany Square could not waver on: a fresh, hot Belgian waffle.

"Waffleman" Doug McCallum says children of all ages love 'em...

Doug McCallum: "What happens is you kind of get waffle groupies."

And he says those groupies seem to toss calorie concerns aside when it's for charity.

Doug McCallum: "For one day i'll just go and enjoy myself, you know, and I'll diet..."