Walk For Life Draws In Huge Crowd

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Lincoln, Neb.-- There was standing room only on the north side of the Capitol Saturday morning. The majority of them pro-life supporters trying to send a message.

"We want to continue to work to do whatever is necessary to protect the child and the woman and the woman from the scars of abortion," said Sandy Danek president of Nebraska Right to Life.

But not everybody at the rally was for this cause. There were a handful of pro-choice Nebraskans sprinkled through the crowd.

"We are here to say we wont go down without a fight," said pro-choice supporter Jackson Meredith.

Meredith says he wants to make a statement by standing at the rally holding pro-choice signs.

"If we don't stand up we could see that overturned and that's kind of why we out here braving the cold because the law is still on our side," said Meredith.

Other pro-choice Nebraskans are hoping the recent Texas bill that shut down several abortion clinics wont make its way to Nebraska.

"It worries me that governments can think that they can negate a person's their wishes for their body," said pro-choice supporter Jen Phoenix.

However Danek says that bill in Texas might be well received in Nebraska.

"I think that is certainly evidence that we can accomplish many good things and this is not only about protecting the child but the woman too who are at risk for abortion and so if it does come I think we have the strength to withstand it," said Danek.