Gov. Leads Walk for Wellness; LiveWell Challenge Begins Jan. 13

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Governor Dave Heineman and Dr. Joseph Acierno, Nebraska’s Chief Medical Officer led state workers and wellness advocates in a 30-minute wellness walk through the halls of the State Capitol over the lunch hour Monday to heighten awareness of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

The event was sponsored by the Nebraska Sports Council whose LiveWell Challenge has aided more than 70,000 Nebraskans in adopting healthier lifestyle habits over the past 12 years. The Governor encouraged Nebraskans to enter the Challenge in opening remarks, and also lauded the state’s employees in making Nebraska a national model for worksite wellness among state governments, using his own progress as an example.

“Last year, I logged over 4 million steps and I try to increase that number every year. If I can find the time to do it, anyone can,” he said.

The Walk demonstrates a simple way to incorporate exercise and good nutrition into one’s daily routine. Benefits of daily physical activity and a healthy diet include reduced risk of disease, improved brain function, increased energy, better weight control and better sleep.

The LiveWell Challenge Series begins Jan. 13 and offers participants a year of access to online activity and nutrition tracking, three wellness challenges, an annual health magazine subscription and the opportunity to earn prizes for consistent progress and tracking. The cost for the year is $15, or around 4ȼ per day.

Most participating teams are made up of co-workers from participating businesses. Total participation is expected to exceed 5,000.