Waverly Students Honor Veterans

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As the Waverly Middle School Choir performs patriotic songs, veterans are thrilled to be honored.

"This ceremony is just to identify that we do care and that we are appreciative of what the servicemen have done," said Gary Cooper, Waverly Middle School Principal.

Nearly 50 veterans were in attendance. All veterans, past and present were honored. Those in attendance appreciated the effort.

"It was real nice for them to present this to us and it was appreciated," said Richard Janak, a Korean War veteran.

"I am going to go ahead and let my guard down for a day and accept everybody's thanks. It's not needed or required but it's nice I have to admit," said veteran Jeff Etheridge.

Students were not shy to give praise to all veterans.

"They really are heroes. When we think about super heroes we think of Superman and Spiderman, but really these guys are the real thing," said Mia Hartley, a Waverly Middle School 7th grade student.

"I think about how they risked their lives for our freedom and how there is no way we really can repay them," said Cole Miller, a Waverly Middle School 8th grade student.

The ceremony was Waverly Middle School's 5th annual Veteran's Day assembly.