Wednesday Last Day For Bill Introductions In Legislature

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Wednesday was the 10th day of the 2014 Nebraska Legislature, which in a short session means the last day to introduce bills.

Four hundred and sixty bills have been introduced and six constitutional amendments. But many bills have already sparked long debates and filibusters. Already, we have seen debates on topics like novelty lighters and brown lights for neighborhood watch cars run days long.

Some senators said that they worry this early in the session senators spend too much time less important issues, taking time away from bigger concerns that will emerge as the session continue.

But, of course, that depends on the senator. Other said they do not mind debate -- they say it is the point of the legislature.

Senator Karpisek thinks sometime you have to sacrifice to keep the system moving.

"Either kill them or move on," he said. "I did kill a bill that I supported on horse racing."

With 50 days left to go, hundreds of bills still have yet to come up for debate.

Starting Thursday bills will head to hearings, where longer debates and testimony happens.