Crews Restore Power After Heavy Snow Leaves Thousands Powerless Overnight

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Some major power outages overnight in Lincoln were blamed on the weather.

According to Lincoln Electric System Spokeswoman Kelly Porter there were 12 major outages in Lincoln that left over 2,500 people without power.

Crews working overnight have restored all major outages.

According to Porter, power lines and transformers have been mostly to blame after heavy snow and high winds have hit the area. There was one report of a snapped power pole.

Porter said anyone who has an outage is urged to report it to help identify where the failure is.

Anyone who sees downed power lines should call 911.

Clay County Emergency Manager Loren Uden says Fairfield and Edgar are without power.

If you live in Edgar, you can go to the fire station. They have an emergency generator running. Otherwise, it's best to hunker down and put on extra clothes.

Uden says stay in one room, probably the smallest room in your house, with lots of blankets and clothes to maintain some warmth.

He also recommends running the faucet very slowly, so the pipes don't freeze.

Uden says crews are trying to get out as soon as possible to fix the power outage.

In the mean time, it's best to just stay off the roads all together.

Southern Power District Reports a few outages in Grand Island and Central City areas--with more near Hastings.