Whitehead Announces Candidacy for City Council

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Lincoln businessman and community volunteer Mark Whitehead announced Tuesday that he will be a candidate for the at-large seat for the Lincoln City Council.

Whitehead was suggested as a replacement for Councilman Adam Hornung who resigned last fall, but Whitehead said at the time he wanted to serve a full four-year term on the council if elected.

"I believe the City Council could use another voice of a small businessman who wants to create good jobs in Lincoln, reduce government regulation on homeowners and small businesses, represent out strong neighborhoods throughout the city and who will keep close watch on the taxpayers' dollars on the live within our budget without raising taxes," Whitehead said. "I think my experience as a small businessman, my work in environmental and conservation matters and serving on state boards and commissions also gives me the experience to bring a broad-based view of issues to our City Council," Whitehead said.

Whitehead said some of his priorities as a city council member will be to listen to the people of Lincoln, make city government more transparent and help city government be more responsive to the people's needs.

"Citizens have to be able to trust their elected officials and government agencies," Whitehead said. "Part of ensuring that trust is making our city government as open and accessible as possible. Elected officials need to be able to trust citizens and accept their opinions when making decisions on how our city should be run."

Whitehead also said Lincoln can do more to help Lincoln businesses grow and create jobs, as well as attracting new businesses to the community. He said by looking for new ways to make government more efficient, streamline regulatory processes and keeping the tax burden low will put Lincoln in a great position to take advantage of recovering economy.

Mark Whitehead is president and CEO of Whitehead Oil Company (WOC). WOC received the Nebraska Association of Resources District's Master Conservationist Award (the first business to receive this award), and Whitehead has served on the Nebraska State Environmental Quality Council under three governors.