Wide Artistic Palette on Display at Stuhr Museum "Wings" Exhibition

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It's the 24th year for the "Wings Over the Platte" exhibition at the Stuhr Museum, a time when this region shows its full artistic palette.

Stuhr Museum staff member Mike Bockoven: "When you come out, what you're going to see is a variety of art. That's kind of what 'Wings' has always kind of prided itself on, is...we have sculpture, we have painting, we have oils and pencil, and all manner of different media there."

The artistic renderings of local scenes are refreshing, even for museum veterans.

Mike Bockoven: "You will see artistic interpretations of the Platte River that maybe did not occur to you right away. That's the thing that always hits me when I see this show is...I've been out to the Platte, I've seen the cranes, I've seen those sunsets and they never quite registered to me quite like that."

The Wings Over the Platte exhibition features some surprisingly talented artists, and some surprisingly reasonable prices.

Mike Bockoven: "It's the kind of thing where, if you see something you like, there's certainly the availability and the affordability to buy, but at the same time it's also an experience that's unique to the area."

So if you've been collecting views of your own, perhaps it's time to reflect on art that is as unique as its subject.

Mike Bockoven: "It's accessible, but it's also relevant to the community. It's very much part of Nebraska. And if you're from Nebraska, you'll recognize things, and if you're not from Nebraska, you can get a very good sense of the Platte, and just kind of the reverence we have for nature around here by looking at some of these pieces."