Wife & Mother of Injured Worker Talk About the Tragic Incident

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Lincoln, Neb.-- Erik Ocampo wears a lot of hats including father, husband, son and employee.

Though Ocampo's status has improved to fair condition following Monday's collapse, his wife - Alison - said Erik told them he thought he was going to die.

"That's the first thing he thought," Alison said, "I'm not going to make it. He said it's because 'I thought I was going to die in there'."

Alison and Erik's mother, Miriam, shared Erik's story of the plant crashing down around him. According to hospital staff, Erik is in the burn treatment center.

"They heard kind of like a rumble," Alison said, "and his coworker yelled at him Erik run, Erik run. And then he only walked a few steps and he felt something that fell on his back, and he doesn't know what it was."

The family then said he felt burning all over his body.

Erik was working on the plant's first floor, according to family. He was eventually able to get out on his own, but they didn't see him until he arrived at the hospital.

Alison said Erik told them his first thought during the incident was of her and their one-year-old daughter, Ruby.

He remains at St. Elizabeth's Regional Medical Center for an indefinite amount of time. The family declined to discuss the extent of his injuries.

Though he is recovering, the family knows others weren't so lucky.

"It's not only Eric," Miriam said.

"It's a lot of friends, it's also a lot of other families that are suffering about this, for this. We pray for all them too."

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Injured International Nutrition worker Erik Ocampo pictured with his wife and daughter