Winds Cause Tree to Fall on Garage, Family Without Power

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If the saying bad things happen in threes is true, then the Keiser family only has to make it through one more.

It's been a bad couple of weeks for Brian, Mattie and Colin Keiser. First their car was totaled after hitting a deer and then Saturday night, a tree crashed on their garage.

"The storm came through last night with some pretty intense winds. The tree to my right, the wind came up and just snapped one of the branches off," said Brian Keiser, the homeowner.

"The house thumped and a lot of things fell off the walls," said Colin Keiser, Brian's son.

Luckily, their new car wasn't harmed but the same can't be said for their electricity.

"LES came out and deemed the power unsafe because of damage to one of our boxes. They had to cut the power last night," Brian said.

With the drop in temperature, that meant the family had to spend the night in a hotel. Brian says he's learned his lesson and he suggests others be aware of weak limbs.

"Trim them if you have a chance, do assessments for the strength and durability of the trees," Brian said.

The family's bad luck isn't getting them down.

"It could be worse. We're all still here, healthy and happy. Things can be replaced, houses can be fixed," Brian said.

With the power restored, the Keisers will start cleaning up their backyard but not everyone in the family is excited to see the branches go. Colin is making it his new jungle gym.

Brian is familiar with the old saying but he's hoping that incident number three will stay away for quite a while.