Wings and Pizza Stores Prep for Super Bowl Sunday

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It's that time of year when restaurants are prepping wings and pizzas by the thousands: it's almost time for Super Bowl Sunday.

"It is our biggest takeout day of the year as well as one of our in-restaurant days of the year," said Scott Klone, manager of the Grand Island Buffalo Wild Wings.

Pizza and wings restaurants across Nebraska are already prepping for the big game.

"Super Bowl Sunday is crazy. Everybody is in a hurry to get ready for the big game, and we're just preparing lots and lots of pizzas," said Lori Graves, who owns a Little Caesar's store in Grand Island.

"We do a lot of prep work for it, get ready three weeks out, almost a month out, we start getting ready for it," Klone added.

Some stores said the big day increases their daily sales by nearly 50 percent, including a significant number of pre-orders. To prepare, employees are making pizzas, cutting celery, and tossing wings ahead of time.

"We prep for that. Everything like that, from boneless wings to traditional wings, our orders are bigger just for this game," Klone said.

Restaurants said they'll take orders all day long, but advised that those with large orders should place them as soon as possible.

"As early in the morning as you can to get their spot reserved for the oven because the oven can only go so fast with so many pieces in it," said Graves.

And of course, managers said they've got extra staff to make sure orders are ready as quickly as possible.

"Extra cashiers to run the registers, extra people to bag to-go orders, extra staff in-house to take tables and everything like that. So ya it is extra staffing," said Klone.