Wintry Weather Shuts Down Some Flower Nurseries

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The rain and snow is welcome news to farmers but not every green thumb was thrilled about the weather. Some area nurseries are closed because of the chilly conditions.

With rows of empty wooden pallets normally filled with plants and flowers, Kaw Valley Greenhouses across Lincoln were closed on Monday because of this Mid-April snow storm.

Keith Meser manages on of the greenhouses on the corner of 16th and South Street and say this cold weather was the last thing he wanted.

"We have all of our tomatoes and veggies here but because of the weather we had to bring them inside," said Meser.

"I heard it hailing and everything and I just said 'oh no,'" said Meser.

Meser closed his nursery Sunday morning because of weather bringing in vulnerable flowers inside his greenhouse, and putting a tarp over others.

"You think of the work that's involved, but then once it's over it's just one of those things," said Meser.

After four hours his team winterized his place but with no customers coming in and other increasing costs like filling up on propane tank. Meser hopes to reopen soon.

"Propane is up in price this year but it's just something we have to, it's part of the business," said Meser.

A business he knows is always dependent on mother nature.

"Friday was a great day, and then we probably had our best day on Saturday and then of course yesterday was just a disaster," said Meser.

But Meser knows this time of year weather is unpredictable.

"It's springtime in Nebraska," said Meser.

Meser gave some advice for those of you who have planted already. He says if flowers are in the ground already, water them if it's below 32 degree and then cover them with a sheet or some plastic. The next day take the covers off. If your plants are potted, take them to the garage or a warmer place.