Woman Bikes 100 Miles for Foster Care

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LINCOLN, Ne-- Leigh Esau crossed the finish line Saturday, after biking 100 miles to bring awareness to foster care.

"I just hope I can still walk," laughed Esau.

Her day started at 6 a.m. when she got on her Elliptigo and started to make one of five 20 mile loops around parts of Lincoln, a 12 hour ride.

Esau is the Founder and Executive Director of the Foster Care Closet in Lincoln, an organization that provides clothes for 1,400 foster kids across Nebraska.

"Our goal is to serve them with five outfits two times a year," said Esau.

To help bring awareness to this cause, Esau decided to use her Elliptigo because of how much attention it already gets.

"I have a really cool bike and I get a lot of looks when I'm riding it because it is a little bit different," said Esau.

"She is such a selfless person," said Neicha Rife, who works with Esau. "She gives of herself as much as she possibly can in anyway that she possibly can and this is just another avenue for her to do it, and she gets to have fun."

So fun, Esau says she wants to do it again next year. But first she'll want to take a break, that is if she has the time.

"Well we have four kiddos that we adopted out of the foster care system so it will be a normal day, no rest for the weary," laughed Esau.