Update: Teen Alone Before 6th Floor Fall

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- An 18-year-old who fell through a 6th floor window early Sunday morning is now in serious, but stable condition.

LPD says the teen was alone in the room at the time of the fall.

While many details surrounding the incident are still unknown, Lincoln police say they don't suspect foul play. The accident has now been classified as a medical emergency.

Just before 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Lincoln Fire and Rescue crews were called to the Embassy Suites after a report that a woman had fallen through a 6th floor window.

Rescue crews struggled for a couple of minutes to determine exactly where the victim was laying, until they spotted her on top of a two story roof near the loading dock area on the north side of the hotel.

Police were standing next to the broken window, 40 feet above where the woman landed.

One witness told 10/11 News they heard a loud bang and glass breaking in the room above her. When she looked out of her own window, she saw the woman on the roof below with broken glass all around her.

The witness said there was a large group of college age kids on a field trip. She thought the woman who fell may be a part of that group.

A ladder truck was used to access the roof and get to the woman so she could be brought down and into a waiting medic unit.

Lincoln Police Captain, Don Scheinost, said they have investigators trying to learn the details on how the woman ended up going through the glass.

Crews from Lincoln Fire and Rescue said, once they were able to get to the victim it did not take long to get her prepared to be lowered to the ground. The woman's injuries are considered to be life threatening.

Battalion Chief Leo Benes of Lincoln Fire and Rescue says, "We called for a truck company that specializes in rescuing people from elevated areas."

Benes did say that rescuing people from roofs isn't something that happens everyday in Lincoln.

Firefighters are trained to deal with heights. They complete training with Urban Search and Rescue and they can respond to national incidents too because of that training.

When firefighters were at Embassy Suites Sunday morning, all of this came into play.

"They placed the patient in a stokes basket after they were stabilized for medical treatment, then lowered the patient down the aerial with the safety and security," said Benes.

Two different teams of responders with two different jobs, but all of it happened simultaneously.

"It wasn't like one group was waiting for them to stabilize the victim first, it was ongoing together - very well orchestrated. The communication process worked together to make that happen in the shortest amount of time."

Lincoln police say the girl is from Texas and may have been in Lincoln for a the International Thespian Festival at UNL.

Embassy Suites released this statement to 10/11 News:

“We can confirm that an incident happened today at the hotel. We appreciated our hotel staff’s prompt, professional response. We are fully engaged with local authorities in their investigation of the situation. Our heart goes out to the individual, family and friends. To maintain guest and associate privacy, we do not disclose details as a policy."

The investigation continues.