Woman Running Through Nebraska on Cross Country Trek

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On April 16, Jessica Goldman took her first steps in an amazing journey that will take her from the west coast in San Francisco to City Hall in New York.

The motivation to make this run started after a horrifying accident years ago.

"I was a passenger in a taxi that struck someone, it was a pretty tragic experience," said Jessica Goldman.

The man hit by the cab suffered serious brain damage and opened Jessica's eyes to how much research and funding was needed to help treat people with Brain Injuries, now she hopes to raise $5 for each mile she runs, which she will donate to the Brain Injury Association of America.

"They assist people with Traumatic Brain Injuries as well as other people who have had strokes and other issues," said Goldman.

It's Jessica's friends who suffer from Brain Injuries that help motivate her at every turn.

"Certain friends of mine will come into my head and I'll think okay I don't want them to give up on what they're going through so I can't give up," said Goldman.

Running through Nebraska this week, inspiration continues to pour in from people along her route.

"They pull over and share their stories about what they're going through, I'm realizing it's so much more widespread that I imagined," said Goldman.

Donations can be made by clicking HERE