Woman Takes on Boot Camp in a Wheelchair

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LINCOLN, Neb. Connie Belt has been in a wheelchair since she was 3 and a half years old. Belt is a survivor of domestic violence.

Growing up Belt says she didn't go to any special schools and was able to do all the activities her peers did. As an adult, that hasn't changed.

Belt is taking on the challenging Boot Camp class at Good Life Fitness like many others.

She says although her wheelchair slows her down a bit, it doesn't stop her from doing what she wants.

Belt does do a customized workout that is specific for her, but still gets her heart rate up and builds muscle strength.

"I've gotten a lot stronger and my endurance has gotten higher. A year ago I was only doing 5Ks and before that I was actually having a hard time keeping up with walks with the family and so now I've completed a half marathon," Belt said.

"Connie has been an amazing inspiration to our whole group and besides our staff and myself, she is our first member we've ever had with being in a wheelchair," Good Life Fitness Owner Steve Auxier said.