Women's Health Day Teaches Holistic Alternatives to Health

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A local pharmacy is helping women find holistic alternatives to traditional medicine. Redline Pharmacy in Hastings hosted the Get Your Body in Gear Women's Health Day at the Lochland Country Club Saturday, teaching a holistic approach to health.

"People are looking for more natural ways to be healthy. They're tired of getting medications, here's your medication for whatever disease your practioner may think you have. They're looking for ways to prevent that. That's what we're here trying to do to prevent those types of issues," said event organizer Hilarie Redline. "We thought that our community needed some information that people could take home with them and make their lives healthier."

The event attracted nearly 100 women.

Some like Jeannette King came because of their family medical histories.

"My dad passed away last February. It was the silent heart disease so I'm trying to learn and live a healthier life so that doesn't happen to me," King said.

Others said they just wanted to learn more about alternative medicine.

"Right now I'm doing the traditional medicine and I'm not happy with the result, so I want to find something else that works," said attendee Kandi Wallin.

Focusing on getting healthy from inside out, speakers talked about everything from thyroid disease to neurotransmitter testing.

"Oh I love it. I've learned a lot already and it's not even lunchtime yet. I love the idea. A lot of the women have the same things that I do, and they'll ask questions and we get a lot of information from it," Wallin said.

Organizers said they hope it's a learning experience that will change lives.