Work Is Not Over For Snow Removal Crews

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The salt is down, and the snow has been removed from most of the major roads in town.

Even though it may appear the work is done, there is another step that takes place when most people are asleep—removal.

"During the day time, we push that stuff to the curb,” said Scott Opfer, the city’s traffic and street manager, “just so the streets are open, but then we come back after midnight pull it back out, blow it into the trucks. Then we haul the snow off."

But is it really necessary with the forecast calling for warmer temperatures in the next few days?

“There’s a lot of bad roads still,” said Billie Campbell, on 1011’s Facebook page. “I wonder where my tax dollars are really going when my street is a sheet of ice.”

“These dump trucks are lined up blocks long waiting to be filled,” said Jeff Dodge. “What a waste.”

Opfer said they work through the night so the snow isn’t an inconvenience to Lincoln residents.

“You have to start thinking about getting some of that stuff out and haled away. It affects parking in the downtown areas. It affects sidewalks and pedestrians.”

This year’s budget for snow removal is $3.6 million with approximately $1.7 allocated for personnel, $500,000 for supplies, $1.3 million for services and the rest for buying new equipment and other upkeep.

With two substantial snowfalls behind them, Opfer said they should be well within budget. They may even come out on top.

“If things continue the way they are, we’ll be similar to where we were last year—anywhere between a half-million to $1 million over. That is assuming we don’t get hammered over the next month.”