Wrongfully Accused Men File Lawsuit Against Insurance Company

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Two men wrongfully accused in a 2006 double murder are going after Douglas County's liability insurance carrier to recoup a multimillion-dollar judgment against the county's former crime lab chief.

Attorneys for Matthew Livers and Nicholas Sampson filed garnishment claims last week against the St. Paul Travelers Cos. They are seeking the $6.6 million they were awarded in a federal civil rights case against former Douglas County crime lab chief David Kofoed.

Livers and Sampson were jailed for months after the Murdock, Neb., shotgun murders of Wayne and Sharmon Stock, Livers' aunt and uncle.

The case involved a false confession from Livers during a coercive interrogation. Livers, who has a learning disability, implicated himself and his cousin Sampson in the killings.