Wymore's Police Chief Under Investigation

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Wymore, Neb. -- The Wymore police chief under investigation. According to city attorney Andy Carothers chief Russell Kirkpatrick has been placed on administrative leave for personal reasons.

Kirkpatrick has been Wymore's chief of police since April 2 of this year.

According to Kirkpatrick's LinkedIn account, he was the director of the Nebraska Honor and Remember program and back in the 1980's he was a police chief in Eastvale, Texas.

Carothers says there's still two full time police officers in Wymore with a lot more part time officers so the city is still safe.

10/11 is told this is a non-criminal investigation.

Deb Collins from the Nebraska State Patrol says they have not begun a formal investigation. If a formal investigation is ordered it will come at the request of the Attorney General’s Office.

10/11 will continue to keep you updated on this story as more information comes in.