Wymore Residents React To Police Chief Firing

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WYMORE, Neb. -- Earlier in July, 10/11 told you the town of Wymore fired its police chief after just a few months on the job.

Now weeks later, the town's trying to find his replacement but the people in the community are still frustrated about why Russell Kirkpatrick was hired in the first place.

Kirkpatrick was hired on April 2, 2014 and fired on July 2, 2014, many people in the town 10/11 talked to say he wasn't a very popular guy in Wymore.

"No body cared for him here," said Wymore resident Kay Novoty.

"Giving tickets to a lot of people who really didn't deserve it, that kind of thing," said Novoty discussing her thoughts on Kirkpatrick.

Novoty says Kirkpatrick was just too aggressive for the small town of just under 1,700.

"I think he was over active," said Novoty.

On the other side of town, teenager Alexis Thrasher was actually stopped by Kirkpatrick once.

"He pulled me over and he made me put my hand over my heart and swear that I would never speed again and made me call him chief," said Thrasher.

Thrasher says she hopes the next police chief will come from within the city.

"I want to see one of those guys that's already been here...know what's going on," said Thrasher.

The Nebraska State Patrol says they just started the investigation into this case.

The reasoning for Kirkpatrick's firing was on a "personnel matter."

10/11 will stay on top of this story as we get more information.