YMCA Hosts Labor Day 5K

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Kids have the day off from school and many grown-ups get the day off too. But some still woke up early this early to spend time with family and give back to the community.

It's been five years since the Fallbrook YMCA opened, and Monday they celebrated. The Fallbrook YMCA held its annual 5k run both to raise money and give families a chance to do something fun together.

"There were some tough parts but it was good, I liked it," said Caroline Ethen, who ran the race with her dad.

And the Barbosa family was ready.

"Saturday mornings we usually run together or the kids bike ride and my husband and I run. We just try to get them to be more active," said Danielle Barbosa.

The YMCA said this event will raise thousands for the organization.

"The money raised during the 5k run goes into our Strong Kids Campaign, which we do every year as a Lincoln YMCA Association, which raises money for a lot of different programs around Lincoln," said Jonathan Cottich, the membership director.

That's something the Barbosa's think is important too.

"We thought it was a good run for a good reason," said Barbosa.